Yoast SEO 2020| For Beginners How to Set Up With WordPress

 what is yoast SEO 

your website to be most Google friendly and hopefully help your website rank higher in search also if you’re completely new to search engine optimization and you want a breakdown of it I’ve got a video called what is SEO that

I will link in the description so feel free to check that out what is yoast seo yoast seo is a powerful plug-in that will help you optimize your website to be more easily recognized by search engines like Google being Organics and ideally help

your site appear higher in search results be search engines have powerful algorithms that analyze your titles keywords descriptions and even your url structure to help you rank for specific Search terms powerful tool like yoast SEO that makes

it easy to manage your titles and meta descriptions set of targeted keywords and even give you a readability score on your writing with suggestions for improvement.

which will help you make your content stand out more to Google as well as make it more reader-friendly okay so now that you know

what yoast SEO is let me show you how to set it up first thing that you’re going to want to do is get into your WordPress dashboard and it’s actually the dashboard for my girlfriend’s block and she’s a complete movie to making websites as well as blogging so

I figured this would be the perfect website to use to show you how to optimize post step by step from start to finish because she’s written about a dozen post that have all yet to be optimized by yoast SEO so first

thing they’re going to do is get your post so I’m going to go over to plug ins and then go over to add new and then over here on the right you’ll see the search bar and just type in yoast SEO and then hit enter and then right here you’ll see the yoast SEO plugin

which has over 5 million active installations so you know that it’s super legit it’s got five stars so it’s just an awesome plug-in let me click on install now and then just click activate so from here if you can just scroll down and find it here at the bottom or if you go over to your left hand menu you’ll see SEO right here at the Y for Yost and then we’ll just click on General so now we’re in the general settings for

yoast SEO and it’s going to give you this first time configuration which I highly recommend doing so I’m just going to click on the configuration wizard button and then this whole process is going to ask you a bunch of questions to get you set up with the best settings so it’s just going to ask you if your site is live or if it’s still under construction hasn’t been posted yet in this case her site is already alive so I’m going to click on option and then click next and then he’s going to ask you what the website is all about going to give you a bunch of options but this one is a Blog someone on a Blog and then click on next okay

then it’s going to ask you if you are an organization or an individual person and if you are an organization you can type in your name here so I’ll just say the nurse rental and then you can choose your company logo I selected choose an image and then I’m just going to go to upload files select files and then I’ma select the

Nordstrom logo that I had here on my desktop and then open and then select choose an image there we go and then you can put in all of your social media URLs if you have those so then I’m just going to click on that next and then I’ll ask you what you actually want to display and search engines whenever you come up in search results so in this case yes I want my post to display and then I also want my pages to display and I’m just going to uncheck the my templates

I’m just going to say no for that as well as the my library I don’t really have anything valuable for people in either one of those categories so I’m just going to lunch and then I’ll just click on next and that’s going to ask if you have multiple authors for this website and I have no selected cuz I just have the one author but it’s okay to put yes but just keep in mind that when you have multiple people adding content to your website you could confuse Google

if you end up with duplicate content so they’re just giving you a little warning about that but to make things easy I’m just going to select no and then click next okay and it’s going to ask you to put in your website name in mines already in there to help nurse journal and then it’s going to ask you to select a title separator and I’ll show you what this is so if I just go up to Google

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