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Xiaomi Mi Band 3i

Mi band 3i

Let’s release the Mi Smart Band 3i

Xiaomi Mi Band 3i Space and Price
Xiaomi hinted on Twitter with “Things” called Xiaomi Mi Band 3i.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3i

Currently, the specification for the upcoming Mi Band 3i has not yet been released, and the price is expected to be between the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 run will be held on December 1 in Bengaluru. The marathon is complete as part of the free Shaomi Mi Band 3i.

 New features

Mi Smart Band 3i step tracking, phone notifications, Find My Phone and more new features

Xiaomi Mi Band 3i launched in India.

The Mi smart Band 3i Mr Banda HRX Edition is an upgrade with a larger OLED display, which is finished with a Hexarrin AMOLED display, 1.9 cm (1.5-inch).  With MAHH’s large battery departure, Monkey 3i should go 20 days with the use of Monkey Width Band 5 too ATM water-resistant pressure, the fountain or swim time you can follow and keep working.

Design, display

The three fitness bands feature the same design except for the Mi Band i3 , which differs with the smaller home button. Mi Band 3i have the same 0.78-inch AMOLED display. On the Mi Band 3i display, users can see notifications, track calories, and similar actions for the Mi Band 3 Users Users can do more like music playback and volume control on Mi Band 4.


I am equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 and BLE for band 3i connection. It is compatible with Android 4.1 and later or iOS 4.1 and above.



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