Want to help Palestinians? Now there is a way

How to stand by the Palestinian people.

In one week, Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip have killed more than 200 Palestinians and left more than 40,000 homeless.

In the worst case scenario, 58 children were killed

The stories of viruses looking at the ruins for the toy of their choice or seeing or provoking the thought of starting everything or going back to save their pet goldfish at a glance have undoubtedly captured the hearts of people around the world.

Bangladesh has always stood firmly by the cause of Palestinian statehood.

And in the current arson, many Bangladeshis have extended a helping hand in their personal capacity as well.

The Palestinian Embassy in Dhaka has shared a number of mobile phone numbers for those wishing to send financial aid to their financial Facebook page in response to the public’s deep enthusiasm for donations that could go to the aid of the Palestinians.


Embassy of the state of Palestine ,Dhaka,Bangladesh

Any siblings in Bangladesh can help them directly here through development and rocket, and bank account other

If you want to do it from outside Bangladesh, you can pay on PayPal

If anyone would like to pay directly to PayPal, please contact us . 

If anyone has a problem, please contact us. We will try our best. Thank you for standing by the Palestinian brothers. May God protect the Palestinians.


Our Facebook page 

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